Saturday, 22 May 2010

swiss army defeat

So this is one of the reasons I went to Wodonga. Bill was getting me in something special.
You know how the Swiss Army blankets have 'gone to god' (or rather India) and I can't get the Italian or Czech ones anymore because of the scouts buying them all because of losing theirs in the bushfires. 
But I've got my hands on these beauties!
They are incredibly nice to the touch and a beautiful dark khaki with 'government property' (actually 'federation property') emblazoned across them in a soft dove grey.
They are absolute corkers and I lurve them!

German Army pouff├ęs- every army needs one or two!


  1. Gosh I love that pouf. Ned and Ra would look so tuff atop it.

  2. the cushions are a treat too.
    love the way the lines go on the pouffes
    they get me thinking of Marlon Brando in Young Lions
    Marlena watching from the wall, recording the rise and fall, Berlin Wall, and the impossible warmness of being close to wool of that calibre.

  3. I hear the gay footballers need a little support. Footy jumper 'pouffes' could be a stylish political statement...


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