Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Jethro and I have been sitting in front of the heater. I've finished off a bundle of mini-scarves and the kitten has been murmuring in pleasure to the Heater God . I'm happy we have a week of under 20ÂșC weather forecast. I'm looking forward to possum wool socks, a coat and perhaps even angora gloves. 
I didn't get much done today but we have scarves and gloves ready to go. I need to make some more 'hottie' wheat bags and dye still more gloves..... And we have wool cardis and crew neck twin-set style jumpers in store- even though I haven't got the winter clothes really started- so everything is about wooliness at the moment. 

Cold and I like it.


  1. I feel warmer just thinking about all your stock!

  2. This is just cruel! I'm stuck in my studio with no heater. Maybe I should pop round to the store for some winter shopping! I'm so looking forward to the cooler weather. Layered woolens everyday!


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