Saturday, 1 May 2010

recycle, re-use, renovate

Oh how I love Bendigo's Eaglehawk Recycling Centre!
I managed to get 30 minutes free on Wednesday to go explore. It's always a chuckle-worthy trip. I have fantasies about building a house out of bits and pieces found here. I've had my eye on the lavender bath for a while, it's the best colour in real life.

And I thought I'd mix the bathroom up with a duck egg blue loo. 
And they have the best pedestal basin collection in a huge range of colours. Of course I'll have to choose the tiles carefully to tie it altogether.

There was even a homemade fussball game- I was tempted but there was some players missing.

And trophies galore.

Wheels to suit anything.

Bedsprings from back in the days before the inner sprung and the futon.

I hear golf is big these days.

And you wondered what happened to all those glass microwave turntables.

Even the kitchen sink.
There was a gas cooker I would have liked to grab for my dream home but really there was no room in the back of the car.
Next time.

And I spent a grand total of $15 to fill the back of the car up.


  1. Pen, you should check out Hughes in Oakleigh - over my way :o)

  2. Hmmm....
    I grew up in a house with a lavender bath.... Says alot really :)

  3. I love living vicariously thru your country travels pen
    awesome photos of crazy collections now if only I could work out what to make from those microwave plates...

  4. Have you checked out Atlanta Bartlett books on interiors? Theres a particular image of a massive green pedestal that your post reminded me of. Its my dream to have a similar mismatched bathroom too. Those old colours are divine.


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