Friday, 7 May 2010

swishing rain and heaters

It's lovely sitting here listening to rain fall outside. The Collins Place Towers fade in and out of the clouds and the rain. I love my view of the east end of the city.

It's been a strange old week, frustrating and exhausting, fulfilling and surprising all at once- and there is more of that to come. I also got in 'trouble' today for leaving people out of my Mother's Day suggestions of this morning..... you could buy one of Emma's lovely belts (she's a bit of a star at the moment juggling baby Hazel and getting her belts in the Sunday Age magazine) and the delightful Miss Claude will have her very lovely shop open on Sunday for last minute gift purchases (Claude the Bird has moved to a new nest and is sharing it with House of Orange and their fabulous furniture, they maybe south of the river but we forgive them for that!).

I got to meet Allison and Paul the weekend before last and they were as lovely as I expected! And on the same Saturday was the first visit from the Hidden Secrets Vintage Outing. I'm pretty chuffed that Danielle and Lyn asked me to be on their itinerary and that leads to this bit of news...... remember when the film crew dropped in? Well the shop was being included in a segment about the vintage outings for Coxy's Big Break on Channel 7 and I believe it's on tomorrow afternoon at 5.30pm. Don't know whether we've made the cutting room floor or not..... I find things like this all a bit, well, overwhelming. As you know I'm more of a Backroom Johnny- and also I'm the least photogenic person around so anything like this just freaks me out totally.

I feel like I have forgotten to do something tonight.... I wonder what it is......

I've made some clocks, finished more quilts, made new tea-towel cushions and crochet cushions, made brooches and earrings, lavender bags, I've got purses prepped and needle books ready to stitch will being shopgirl tomorrow, there is some knitting to hand sew together.....

Perhaps I ready....


  1. sound like its been a productive week. I hope your scheduling in a relaxing Sunday xx r

  2. I seriously dont believe for one minute that you are not photogenic.
    Ive been admiring the photo of you from afar and with that short little speech/anecdote I just HAD to poke my nose in to where it does or doesnt belong! Your cheekbones are outstanding, quite literally. They stand out!

  3. Dear Penny, of course you out did yourself, and I do hope you had some calls etc from the show the other week on Coxy's.. we are very proud to have you as part of the Vintage Outing.. we are geting busier as the winter months arrive - perfect for your fluffy good things!
    Thanks for posting, as we have had some great stats/referrals from your post! Cheers!! Fiona, on behalf of the Vintage girls; Lyn and Danielle


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