Monday, 10 May 2010

shady and contrary

I've had a busy old day today.  
Some dyeing to start with. Friends dropping in. Wholesale customer from Sydney. Designing the new shop postcard and getting it  off to the printers. A run to Orificework. Picking up the new batch of vintage lampbases that have just been re-wired. Trying to re-arrange the shop. Packing boxes to be posted. Vacuuming. Roasting vegies and haloumi for dinner. 
So you see this is really a list, and you know how I don't like lists, but I came to a realisation today whilst I was listening to Ramona and Beck doing their spot on the radio this morning. 
I don't like 'to-do-lists', I have issues with the unfinished things, I don't see the point of moving them to a new list and starting all over again but I really like lists of things I have completed. Of course the downside being that that list needs to feel 'full' otherwise, of course, I just feel annoyed with it. Ramona was right today when she called me contrary!

Lovely lamps. 
Glowing shades.
Perfect for wintery evenings.


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