Friday, 14 May 2010


I was all excited about a new project. The knitting machine was whirring (or clunking rather), the music was playing, the linker was spinning, I was thinking about putting the kettle on for a cuppa. 
And then everything went silent and dark. 

No freakin' electricity! 

The first thought, of course, was 'have I paid my bill?'. Then I went and stood in the hall, where the lights were still on and waited for someone else to stick their head out of their studio to see if it was just them sitting  in darkness. The building runs off two wires and that means that invariably only half of us get a blackout at any one time. And not just our building- our whole block on Brunswick Street was alternating blacked-out and lit-up shops. 
We all had a chuckle that we should go and sit out on the street and drink tea and coffee- except of course we needed electricity to make it- and wait for the lights to come back on.

I'm back home, bored and annoyed. I had things I wanted to finish today! That's always the way.

This is the offending power pole- can you see the dangling wires? That's what exploded and stopped the magic of electrickery from happening.

1 comment:

  1. bugger about the power outage
    but so nice to be reminded of catweasle!
    hope the rest of your day has been better, its a bit chilly to be going without tea and heater!


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