Friday, 7 May 2010


Morning all.
I'm showered, dressed, have a cuppa within easy reach, a kitten being silly at my feet and a new day to start.
I've been looking at all the posts and posters about Mother's Day and all I can do is think what a slack little retailer I am. I'm personally not big on the whole 'consumer holidays' (except maybe Easter.....yummm) so I find things like Mother's and Father's Day a bit alien. But hell if you are into celebrating them and you don't have time/inclination/skills to hand make your own present then I think locally designed and made is the complete way to go! 
If you want a fabulous cross section of the professional craft community you can't go passed Craft Vic in Flinders Lane. I was eyeing off some ceramics the other day.... but really with my crockeraholic tendencies I have to be very careful....
And of course the Cottage has lots of things! 
If you want just a little something (sometimes simple just makes your heart go flip-flop) then we have Ramona's gorgeous handmade fabric flowers. She's made them in tea-towels especially for us! You could go for one twisted up in our beautiful glassine paper or a whole handful.
And if Mother is a little crafty herself there are handmade Tasmanian oak knitting needles from Art Viva and Nikki's beautiful ebony ones. And I've finally got the first batch of the Cottage's own hand-dyed, hand-spun yarns out. And there are a few Sugar Plum pincushions still and the lovely needle cases made from vintage fabrics.
And there are  the HookTurn coffee cups for a caffeinated Mother. 
And gloves, gloves, gloves that will remind her every time she wears them of how fluffy, warm and snuggly her love for you was when you were a tiny baby (before the tantrums, the door slamming, the first tattoo, the inappropriate boyfriend/girlfriend, that incident at the family Xmas, etc.......).


  1. Mother's Day is right up there with Valentine's Day in my world.
    Ummm... no interest. But, if I were buying something other than a maple tree for my mother dear Pen, it would be from you.



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