Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Dyeing is very much 'like water for chocolate', a dyepot seems to be able to pick up on moods. Some days batches can come out quickly and perfectly and other days the shades get mixed up or things go blotchy or dyebaths take forever to exhaust- or all three at once. Sometimes temperatures are too high and the stirring rates are wrong and you just want  to scream. Indeed somedays one just shouldn't even go near a dyepot. Even though the success rate was high today there were three colours, that have been trouble-free until now, that just decided they weren't going to behave. 
And as I steadily slaved away I had to put up with Jethro lolling in the window (see above). He really likes to put on a show for the passers-by. 
It's after 11.30pm now and I am, like a dyepot, totally exhausted. I've been lugging and hefting and sorting and re-arranging and I'm ready for bed. Thank goodness the crazy warm spell of weather has ended- I hope. I want cold and drizzly and grey- with maybe a few more beautiful Melbourne autumn days as long as they are blue skies and chill. 
I want to rug up and hunker down. 


  1. that cat is ridiculous! could he be more of a superstar? He'll be signing autographs soon. cold weather is totally here! yay, soup time...RAMONA

  2. I hope our visit didn't put the moz on the dye bath!
    If it's any consolation max said cat cat cat all the way home so clearly the jethro effect doesn't just happen to passer by AND it's freezing this morning... Glove weather again YAY

  3. My glittery gloves are living in my handbag now in case of cold weather. It's still quite mild but the mornings can be chilly! I wouldn't mind being Jethro in my next life. It looks relaxing to be him.

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  5. Has he really got his paws crossed?
    Sending good vibes to the dye pot?
    Jethro, you are a legend,

    Sarah x

  6. I'm for cold and grey days too... and for feline cuteness.

  7. what a cute cat you have!


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