Saturday, 1 May 2010


I spent Thursday and yesterday furiously trying to finish things. There were the denim patch jackets to do and the Harvest smock too. We some how managed to sell more smocks than we actually had.... I have three of these things, one white, a mid denim and a dark denim, and they are incredibly comfy. I'm worried that winter expansion might happen and I might balloon out to fill it like Homer Simpson or that people might start commenting that I am always wearing one. 
Dell has one and she looks so cute you could pinch her cheeks with joy! They are one of those garments that everyone looks fabulous in and I love the way the smocks take on the personality of the wearer, not the other way around. And that they only come in one size. And that you can bung it in the wash and never iron it. A smock indeed. An autumn harvest smock for when you are out Urban Harvesting. 


  1. Having trouble taking my denim smock off -persimmons were the first catch.
    I've waited many years to meet this garment in the cloth.
    We loved our whirlwind visit this week. Back soon.
    xx C.

  2. I love my smock. I am wearing it to Harvest Chutney Club tomorrow in honour of you and the Autumn harvest.

  3. The only thing between me and a harvest smock is that like a goldfish I too will grow to fill it over winter
    gorgeous pic of Dell but then when doesn't she look gorgeous love the rockin rod tights too!


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