Sunday, 16 May 2010

sunday morning coming down

I seem to have missed a whole fashion trend.
Perhaps these are rare night birds. 
I spied these two heading home after a big night and thank you iPhone for letting me take sneaky photos.
The flat shoes, the skin-tight floral dresses, the hair- all so fabulous.
I love finding different 'tribes'. We've been watching the fixie bike boys that flock to St Cloud down the road and checking out their styling. And the women heading back from the Quilt Show a couple of weekends ago, all polar fleece vests, natural waist jeans and sensible shoes. Of course 'tribes' are all generalisations and you only really notice them when they congregate but they so bring a smile to my dial.

Definitely not enough sleep this Sunday. A busy day with people coming and going and the day whizzing passed. Sometimes I would like to set the Sunday clock again.


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