Saturday, 8 May 2010

hedge-pig courtship

If you know me you know I'm not big on the cute and fluffy. I prefer my fluffy with teeth and claws. 
I hate Holly Hobby, I want to know what she's got hidden under that bonnet- probably a clown mask, I'm positive she's a serial killer. 
And Dolly Varden? Definitely a few issues with substance abuse there, just look at the psychotropic flowers in her cottage garden. 
Perhaps they are both in a doily witness protection programme.....

This tea-towel, though its cute and whimsical, makes me chuckle. A hedge-pig courtship- including the wedding night in a big four poster bed. Having read up on Erinaceinae I know how they do it with all those prickly quills!

Now in store- one only- a too cute cushion!


  1. That is brilliant! What a great tea-towel.

  2. I had a scary Holly Hobby doll as a little girl and i know what is under her bonnet... a bald spot and Ashley Martin hair transplant rows. It's ugly.
    And that is one messed up tea towel :)


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