Saturday, 29 May 2010

autumn berry harvest

It's the last autumn weekend of the year. The leaves are almost off the magnolia and one sharp winter wind should pluck off those still clinging on. 
I long for real winter this year. Between prolonged daylight savings and strange warm 20ÂșC days for weeks on end summer seemed to house guest you can't get rid of. I've pulled out my new knitted black wool dress and even put on wool leggings (which I bought too big, bugger, as the rest of me seems to have ballooned) in the hope that this will bring on more rain and a chill in the air. I was made for cold weather.
I spent yesterday, after I got back from a mad country dash in the morning, finishing off tea-towel cushions and working to the sound of the knitting machine buzzing back and forth. We had completely run out of the angora Mobius loop/scarf/shrug/thingies and I really wanted to get some more finished for today. I needed to knit them, link them, hand finish them, wash them and dry them. I did it! And I'm in love! I made up some more cream angora ones but we now also have some natural possum ones (that's the soft fawn colour) and the most stunning crushed berry colourway also in the possum lambswool yarn. It's like crushed blackberry flummery. I'm such a sucker for purples and pinks and I can't understand why people are scared to wear them. Go on! Be brave- wear blackberry!


  1. I reckon the shrug in blackberry would be so divine! R

  2. Blackberry is positively the only way forward in my book, count me in with the blackberry fools!

    Hope you are feeling happier Miss Pen? Thinking if you....

    Sarah x

  3. Pen - hurrah - the week is over -mine was trying too. Have a lovely Sunday darl.


    Doctor Who toinght!

  4. That photo is gorgeous. I must say that this is the first winter I have ever looked forward to. Cold and grey depresses me and woolies itch me but I am desperate for things to quieten down around here. I love the thought of more opportunities to be inside snuggling up, reading, crocheting, planning, cokking and sewing. I hope you have a lovely, cozy Sunday.


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