Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I seem to have got myself in an emotional pickle. 
Seems to be the result of a slight case of exhaustion.
Like a over-tired and over-stimulated toddler I started crying yesterday for no apparent reason. No temper tantrums thank goodness but a severe case of leaking eyes. Obviously that little valve on the top of the pressure cooker has blown. The drive last week, some bad sleep and full on dreams and a minor sore throat seem to be the culprits. Cause and effect.... who knows. 
The shop has been busy and the workload is actually cranking up with winter sneaking in. 
I'm feeling fine though, so now I need to work out just what needs to be done.
Our lovely wool sweaters are in and look superb hanging up- a rainbow of very pretty colours.
The kitchen looks like a chinese laundry (which 67 Gertrude Street once was) with crisp white regimental shirts drying and more sitting in the washing machine with a dose of Napisan. You'll have to wait for these! They are stunners.
And I need to get more gloves dyed......


  1. may your pickle become less of a conundrum and more of a condiment
    my jam is so much better now it's lilly pilly

  2. I owe you pickles, which can help you out of a jam. xxR

  3. Crying tired as my Mum would say.
    this week has been a ball-breaker hasn't it...
    Hope yours has picked up!


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