Thursday, 6 May 2010


I haven't been in a posting frame of mind this week. No specific reason except that time and energy haven't been on my side. And no interesting photo subjects either. 
See, now I've come to write a post, I feel empty of thought.... it's probably just a symptom of being tired and a little overwhelmed at the moment. Oh and all the stupid things that have gone wrong this week. Wholesalers closing, photocopiers breaking down (which has resulted in me having to buy a new printer that will take heavy card), stuff-ups in work I've sent out to be done, people making appointment times and then forgetting what they had arranged, all those little creeping, annoying things that plague life. Just all in one week.
The house is a ridiculous mess with half finished projects everywhere and boxes and bags of stock and supplies tumbling all over the place. I'm finding that mildly amusing- and infuriating at the same time- hence the overwhelmed feeling I think. I did manage to sort a section of the studio (which is looking as messy as home) the other afternoon, a part that has been a complete eyesore every since the Rumble in the Jumble Sale last December. I never have the time to clean up after one project before I start the next, or perhaps it's because I usually have half a dozen things on the go at any one time.
I'm having fantasies about running away for a little holiday but realising at the same time that that is most definitely impossible at the moment. How much work can a girl do before her motor breaks down.....? 
Hell! It's only May and I feel like it's the end of winter with the months of winter work I've been focused on! Perhaps a new project or two might revitalise me......
I do love the new clock image, she's so ready to take off on an adventure. Perhaps what I need is a Mackintosh and a red hat set at a jaunty angle, it's all in the attitude.

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