Friday, 21 May 2010

on the road again

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Charlotte told me about a special place at Wodonga that she thought I might like and so we planned a little road trip.
Up the Hume, all the way to the border. Of course this also meant an excuse for a spot of op shopping along the way and visiting places I haven't been for an age. 
My folks had a block up in the Strathbogie Ranges near Euroa and we spent many a winter's day burning off bracken on the property, I still love the smell of wood smoke, steaming tea and icy chilled mornings.

Wednesday was a beautiful autumn day with vapour trails arching across the clear blue sky . The leaves are turning and if you have a chance in the next week or two, before the winter winds come up, it is worth a drive. Little towns like Avenel are just lovely.

And the op shops are of the real country variety. I didn't buy this kitty tapestry as the glowing silver eyes freaked me out a little (it looks much better as a photo!).

I've spent so much time over the last few years in Central Victoria that I had forgotten how amazing the views and landscape is up towards the north east. The way the Great Dividing range sweeps down into Victoria, the plains and foothills running up to their edge. The poplar trees all golden, the liquid amber and ash flaring dark red. Impressive.

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