Thursday, 27 May 2010

brimful of asha

I'm still not settled and the tears are still leaking out of my eyes occasionally but I am trying to start new work. It feels like so long since I used clothes making fabrics rather than things like tea-towels, stable woven cottons and army blankets. I started work on a new dress yesterday and, really, my hands felt like they had lost their mojo and drafting patterns was like a foreign language. I hate the feeling of not being the mistress of my skills. 
I turned the knitting machine and wool winder off for a while in the afternoon as I thought maybe a bit of peace and quiet would help. Suddenly up through the floorboards resounded extraordinarily bad techno. Then I realised it was Hindi filmi techno. Luckily the Indian students who work down in the greengrocer's warehouse under my studio then put on a bit Asha et al and I turned my music off and just embraced the Bollywood. If I thought it was loud in my studio then I was comppletely taken aback when I went out in the hallway! Booming. 
I'm just hoping they don't do it every afternoon.....
Now today's issue is which errands to run and what work to concentrate on. I am befuddled and bemused as to where to start. 

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