Sunday, 30 May 2010

sundry bloody sundry

A nice quiet Sunday to round off a week of stress and strain and sundry other brain frying activities. The washing and the vacuuming and cleaning hasn't been touched but 275 pages of Bill Bryson's new book 'At Home' has been devoured along with buckets of tea. Jethro has had a spak-attack involving jumping on the bed, *running around the bed, leaping off the bed, running through the house, jumping on the bed, repeated from * until too exhausted and he fell asleep on bed. 
I haven't managed to keep up with emails and orders this week and will have to spend all tomorrow juggling dyeing of gloves and getting caught up. I would have liked today to about three times longer than it was, with more sleep, more reading and more cups of tea but I'll take whatever I can get.


  1. Cute photo of Jethro.
    Just put in an order for BBs book at work - it sounds great.

  2. Love a good Sunday with a book. Your cat looks adorably sneaky in that photo. Hope you're getting everything done that your needed today! xo m.

  3. Oh lovely! Hope your not working your fingers to nubs! It has started raining cats and Dogs in Auckland and it can be a wonderful relief....


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