Tuesday, 1 June 2010

a winter love affair

I'm in the throws of a love affair.
Or rather I am having a love affair with throws.
I've been on the hunt for the last couple of years for them and my stash has grown to (a measly) three- and we all know that three marks a collection. I would happily find room in my home for three hundred of these things. I love them! 
My first one I found two years ago, a cream and fawn one, then the pink and green and cream one above and last week a glorious purple and green example arrived. Jethro is asleep in front of the heater on that one, the first two are on the bed. I am sure as winter creeps in I will add Jethro's to the bed as well. 
I grew up a weaver so I love the double cloth weaves that these blankets use, the heavy slightly scratchy wool and their history. I sleep deep and happy under them. 


  1. they look amazing!!
    where did you find your treasures?
    rachael bee

  2. Oh Man they are rarer than hen's teeth those Welsh blighters and when you do find one you find you have to part with a limb in payment!

    Sarah x


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