Wednesday, 2 June 2010

an ode to porridge

I had a dreadful porridge experience on Monday. 
I was hanging out for some oaty goodness, a few plump sultanas and a splash of creamy milk but with the first mouthful I new something was definitely wrong. 
Bitter and burning- and I don't mean the temperature.
If you've ever experienced eating rancid stale pasta you'll know what I mean...... arrrgggghhhh!
How is it that the organic oats I bought 3 weeks ago from the health food shop are OFF?
Damn them!
This morning, though, I tried again. Yes! Perfect porridge. 
Welsh blankets, angora gloves, porridge..... but where is our real winter?


  1. You can have our winter if you like, Pen. It's in the South Island!


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