Saturday, 26 June 2010

warm flannelette

I got up this morning and looked out the window to find a rainbow arching across the city. I'm guessing from the Eastern Hill fire station to Queen Vic Market- well maybe not but I like the idea.
I hear it is going to be the start of a 13ÂșC week so that could mean no-one will venture out today but I think you should as I can supply you with lovely hot water bottle shaped vintage flannelette wheatbags, snuggly wool scarves, brightly coloured fine wool sweaters (and yes lightweight wool can keep you very warm!), enough quilts for a bundling party and angora gloves galore!
I'm hoping my voice is going to hold out until the end of the day. I'm feeling a right bogan today wearing what could be mistaken for a checked flanny shirt and a baggy cardi, perhaps I should change my converse for ugg boots just to complete the picture.


  1. Bundling! I've learnt something new today!

  2. I bought a flanny at the supermarket recently. It is SO WARM!


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