Wednesday, 9 June 2010

long light

According to the electronic scales in the studio it topped at 15.5 degrees inside today. The long low sunlight through the windows was nice.
The angora shrug möbius loop thingies are done, Jethro has checked them (ie sat on them) and they are now hanging in-store. And the bunting is done and some new wheatbags and eye pillows.
I still haven't managed to get the new batch of clocks finished which is annoying me beyond belief. I really just need to do the damn things- I have started them so at least I've got that far!
I think I might skip the studio in the morning and run some errands and I'm toying with the idea of sleeping in on Monday (Queen's Birthday long weekend) rather than going to the studio. Normally holidays are great days to get things done in the studio but I rather fancy a leisurely day.... we'll see....

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  1. sometimes a good sleep in is one of the best things you can do for your artistic practice.
    I've been meaning to visit so I can pick up a wheatbag. I'm sick of being scared about my hot water bottle leaking in the middle of the night! Have you got a fair few in stock, or should I come by asap?


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