Monday, 21 June 2010

nature's splendour

Instead of staying in bed on Sunday morning I got up early (sleepily) jumped in the car and headed up to Sutton Grange, got lost, got found, swapped cars and drove on up to Bendigo to check out the exhibition of Christening gowns at Bendigo Art Gallery. There was discussions about popping the beautiful little Shortening gowns into that magic En-Largo Machine that makes children's clothes fit adults. Then we hit the Eaglehawk Tip Shop (nothing this time for me), headed back to Castlemaine and looped back through to Sutton Grange for a late soupy snack, a bit of playing with toy cars and then jumped into my car and headed home. 
On the way I was mesmerised by the most beautiful light and cloud show ever. As I travelled along the Sutton Grange Road rain misted down with the evening sun shining through and it was like I was in a huge light box with everything glowing and in contrast. The picture just can not capture the beauty of it. Every drop of moisture in the air seemed to glistening and sparkle.
By the time I got to the Calder the setting sun was streaming under clouds lighting up banks of dark grey rain clouds and towering white cumulonimbus rising above them, the trees were gold washed and the grass was luminous emerald. Then as I headed in to Woodend and Mt Macedon the clouds closed in and the rain bucketed down as it always does along that ridge of hills.

I am at home today with a very messy house and a very sore throat (finally I think I've managed to catch the bug everyone else has had). Apart from needing to pick a few things up I think that I should bunker down and actually do things like vacuuming and finishing work that is cluttering my big table. Perhaps even sorting some of the piles of stuff that litter the floor in a weird obstacle course. It's all foggy outside and the other plans I had for this morning have come  crashing down so I think a little thinking and pondering and catching up are in order today.


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