Friday, 25 June 2010

a little bit shirty, a little bit hoarse

Excuse the squeaky voice, a slight case of laryngitis it appears.
I don't know where this week has gone but I certainly feel like nothing has been achieved or ticked off a list (if I ever wrote one). Some new scarves knitted, more gloves dyed and a general go-slow, perhaps it's the apex of winter and the lurgy conspiring to make me feel so unproductive. I look around the shop and all I can see is holes, although Dell tells me I'm the only one who can see them! I do still have all those unfinished things to catch up on but I am hoping with nothing booked in for this Sunday I might get a sleep/work/clean up jive happening. 

I did manage to get the first of the vintage cotton shirts pressed this week, they were found on the Big Bunker Expedition I went on with Charlotte. They are old Army dress shirts and have the date of manufacture printed on the labels. We have some from 1950 and some made in 1968 and they are just beautiful, long length and with French cuffs. They look very cute with our grey wool vests over the top, kind of '1930s cycling through the countryside', accessorised here with an Emerge Queen belt and a Dell feather brooch.


  1. Stylish as always Pen! The shirts look great, hope you feel better soon Kx

  2. Love it!
    That lurgy better ride away on a bicycle. The damn thing. I hope you're better soon.


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