Sunday, 6 June 2010

sun showers

Friends dropped into the shop yesterday to let me know I am a freak for liking cold wintery weather. How could you not like this morning's sun showers and drippiness? It was lovely.
After a visit from the Vintage Tour ladies this afternoon I went for a walk to the city. We've been surviving on the last of the tea mugs and I really needed to go in and pick up some more. We'd reached that stage where people would have to share a mug if they dropped in for a cuppa! They are really tea-buckets as I am so used to giant mugs now and am very picky about them. We now have enough to have a hot chocolate afternoon tea party!
And I picked up the new Sookie Stackhouse novel. Nothing like running off to a steamy, sexy, pre-BP leak, Louisiana for a bit of vamp-loving in the midst of a Melbourne winter!

1 comment:

  1. Pen you are completely speaking my language all I want is to dive into the Savannah night with a gigantic mug of hot chocolate in my hand
    and the sunshine between showers today was fabulous
    and I just realized that I sound just like a sixty year old upper west side queen.
    Surprise surprise


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