Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Well I got that Queen's Birthday lie in I was thinking about but I don't know whether I feel any better for it. It was meant to be tempered with a bit of cleaning and a smidge of work.
I washed the dishes in a very half-arsed manner- does that count? And I cut out clock boards- Jethro is now playing with the sticky offcuts which, to say the least, is hilariously funny.
I read a lot, didn't drink enough tea, got a headache and sort of felt that I had maybe wasted a day. Oh well that's how it goes. 
Of course I have spent the last couple of hours working out how I can do 'nothing' today now that I am in the zone but the call has come through and I'm heading up country to pick up gloves. We have been so low on stock it was starting to get very worrying! Now I can at least complain to everyone how bored I am dyeing.... heehee.
I've been dyeing gloves for so many months that I feel that I am at the end of winter not barely two weeks in! (You've heard it all before!)
Hopefully I'll get some lovely wintry photos up in the hills. Misty valleys and all that! The cold air will do me a world of good, freeze dry all those cobwebs!

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