Friday, 18 June 2010

tools for knitting and slaying

I have been in the studio for a grand total of 15 minutes this week. Since last Friday all I seem to have been doing is running around doing errands, lugging huge pots on and off the stove and splashing  dye everywhere. I think I am looking forward to just being shopgirl for the next two days. It will tie me to one place doing mundane tag tying, glove pairing duties for 7 hours a day. 
The parcel arrived from Nikki yesterday and excitedly unpacked it..... the new 25mm ebony needles are just freakin' crazy! Really if you want to multi-task with a bit of crafting and vampire slaying then these are the tools for you!! They are the type of things that have heirloom written all over them- or could look fab sitting on a designer coffee table as objet d'art. And we have Nik's new scarf/hoodie/mitten kits and the full Construction #1 kit with 8 balls of yarn in a bag, the kits come with free patterns but we also have the lovely cream wool yarn too. You better hurry though because we keep selling out!


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