Thursday, 17 June 2010

dear opp shop gods

Dear Opp Shop Gods
They say that if you send it out to the Universe it will come to you. 
On Sunday at Ben's 2nd birthday Jen made a passing comment about needing a Sunbeam Mixmaster and asked me to keep my peepers open. On Tuesday on the way to pick up gloves I dropped into my favourite opp shop and behold there was a classic Mixmaster with two bowls and a juicer. Just the same as both my and Jen's Mums had. They had a particular smell these Mixmaster, of hot meringue, a Proustian childhood smell. 
OSGs you made it very hard for me. I had a little Devil on one shoulder saying 'keep it for yourself' and a little Angel on the other telling me to call Jen and tell her I had found what she had asked for. I'm sure the man serving me was a little worried as expressions of greed and altruism fought across my face. Well the Angel won and Jen is coming to pick up her 'new' mixer tomorrow, so I was just wondering Opp Shopping Gods whether you can view this as a tick on my side of the Opp Shopping scoreboard and if you could possibly see a way of, perhaps, you know, maybe sending something special my way sometime in the near future. Just a thought. 
All the best and keep up the good work


  1. My childhood too. I wish I had one of those, my modern mixer is a pile of crappe.

  2. Good luck Pen, you angel! You'll probably find another mixer, you've been so good.

  3. may you chance across something mysterious, and unique, wrapped in a welsh blanket.

  4. I'll be looking out for you, because, you know, I pretty much live in op-shop land.

  5. I think the key here is knowing what you want to look out for. Jen asked for a specific thing and got it. Now. I want a .....?

  6. I love this.
    I got my Kenwood in hard rubbish in South Melbourne. That day I found TWO on the side of the road. Completely matching. It can happen. I thought I was in some kind of delicious baking DREAM. I couldn't carry them both, my companion refused to carry the other one (jerk) so I just took the one and it is still with me today.
    Kenny. I hope you find a Sunny sometime soon!!!


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