Wednesday, 16 June 2010

silver and amber

The drive up country yesterday was nice. I got to see (evil) bunnies hip hopping across green, green grass, mist in the valleys and silver clouds. 
Today was set aside for dyeing, dyeing and more dyeing. So much stock to catch up on and I needed to cook up a batch of cumquat marmalade first thing to clear the decks. I've had pots of cumquats soaking and I still have persimmons ripening on the bench- and there is barely enough room in my kitchen to swing a cat. In fact Jethro has to sit on a stool so I don't trip over him. If there are boxes on his stool then he'll sit on the washing machine in the tiny laundry so he can keep an eye on me. Today he perched on the stool in front of the dryer watching gloves going round and round- we call it Kitten TV.
The marmalade is jarred up and I've pressed up ten dye batches of gloves. 
Still a few things to do tonight before my head hits the pillow.

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  1. I thought for a moment you said that Jethro was sitting on the washing line ~ but being Jethro I expect he probably could!

    Sarah x


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