Sunday, 23 May 2010

a day of (semi) rest

I was completely exhausted from all the driving and excitement of the Wodonga trip. On top of which we've had a crazy week in the shop and yesterday was just completely full on. By about three I was starting to lose my voice (part of the stupid sore throat I've been plagued with all week) and beginning to freak out at the amount of work I need to finish this week. I don't have a business where I just ring through an order and wait for it to arrive. I have a business that when we run out I have to head to the studio and put the sewing machine pedal-to-the-metal and start making, making, making.
But today I promised myself a little rest.
A bit of hanging with Jethro, who is slightly disgruntled to my having left him alone for a night, lying about reading and drinking cups of tea. With Doctor Who, Foyle's War and 30Rock for afters. 
Sadly it also means trying to do a bit of cleaning, some vacuuming, changing the bed and putting the washing on. I can not procrastinate over this for another week..... it would be just too shameful.
But Jethro is asleep in the sun in the bedroom and I don't have the heart to wake him....

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  1. Vacumning can wait til the cat wakes up ...


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