Friday, 21 May 2010

the destination part 1

This was the first part of the adventure.
After a dreadful Thai meal and a disturbed night's sleep in Albury I met up with Charlotte at Bill's store in Wodonga. Billy the Toole is closing up his shop and we had arranged something special. 

This is a real old school disposal store- the type I loved as a kid. I still have memories of a fabulous one in Box Hill where I fell in love with enamel ware and still regret not getting a WW1 pair of wool jodhpurs with lace up cuffs.

Bill buys and trades in all sorts of 'disposal' stock including these cupboards from Ansett planes. I had fantasies about fitting out a kitchen like the one onboard 'Firefly'!


  1. those old fashioned aussie disposal stores were sensational.
    There was a big one in Elizabeth street in the city, I think I bought army pants there when at uni.
    You're brought back memories....

    Definitely had bib and brace overalls when a teen...

  2. OMFG (yes, sorry about the abbrev.) that place is just amazing! it's like a cross between the Mythbusters workshop and those op-shop dreams where the aisles are endless and everything fits, those crash test dummy heads, those plane cupboards, those ration tins, please please please tell me you're going ahead with the firefly kitchen!!!


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