Saturday, 24 April 2010


If you have been reading this blog for awhile or have been into the Cottage in the past you'll know we love Swiss Army blankets and have a penchant for turning them into pouff├ęs and cushions. Sadly the availability of these blankets has completely dried up (they were post Second World War and the bond stores in Europe, where army supplies are disposed of, have been cleaned out of them). Occasionally  you might see one for sale at a chic homewares store in the US of A for some exorbitant price but they are gone, gone, gone.

So I was a bit surprised yesterday to stumble on this one. The colour was about right, although the red was a little off and the twill weave was a little too obvious. But the cross was wrong, normally it is embroidered in cream wool and felted into the blanket but this one was shiny white thread. 

And then I had a look at the packaging.
A very close look.

I just had to buy it!
Someone has realised how popular they are and decided to have them copied in India!

I know that there are a few people making stuff from 'Swiss Army' blankets at the moment.... if you see them and they have crosses like this on them have a good old snicker.
If I'd decided to have them copied I would have made sure they did the crosses right!
Indian Swiss Army Blankets- made my week, haven't laughed so hard in ages!

*not quite right

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