Monday, 26 April 2010

bring on the cold weather

17ºC tomorrow.
Glove weather is (slowly) coming.
I've spent all afternoon dyeing and will probably end up spending all tomorrow doing it as well.
And there is the washing and clipping and pressing and the tagging and getting the orders ready to go out.
It is how I pretty much spend all of Autumn and Winter. Then we get to Spring and Summer
which involves ordering yarn and getting the knitting ball rolling.
There are gloves everywhere through the house. Boxes and fluff and sample cards. Even toys made of gloves.
Gloves, gloves, gloves.


  1. yes yes yes
    finally finally COLD!!

  2. nothing better than chilliness

  3. The good thing about the cold is that it gives you the opportunity to get toasty

  4. Am very excited that it is time to dye at the cottage.
    Winter loves colour.
    Saw the first bit of Coco and Leon today - check out the gloves on Stravinski's wife as she's propped up in Coco's bed transcribing his music. Elbow length, white, fingerless and knitted up like a ladies spencer - v. soft fine wool, mainly solid stitch with tiny hole detail.
    (Can you tell I'm not a knitter?).


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