Wednesday, 7 April 2010

indigo days

More patching today. Around and around. 
I think I am getting a little indigo drunk.
The studio isn't big enough to lay out the full piece. The photo above was taken at midday, it's now quite a bit longer. And it weighs a ton, as you would expect from metres and metres of heavyweight denim.

I've pulled out the plastic blanket bag full of unpicked jeans that I used many many eons ago for patched denim clothing for Ipanema. Including some very special 80s acid washed darted jeans..... mmmmm bee-oot-i-fool! (In fact they would be very fashionable now amongst the younger set.)


  1. goodness that is one big quilt - those denim smocks sound a bit exciting too

  2. it's offical,
    you've blown me away.
    that is nothing short of denim porn
    i'm all giddy.

    b xxx

  3. I'm trying to guess, and failing. The closest I could manage was some new jeans for a giant?


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