Tuesday, 20 April 2010

make your own manhood

I always need a project on Shopgirl Saturday. Idle hands and all that.
So this was last Saturday's- knitting the man helmet from HML's Craftbusters zine.
Of course I had the wrong yarn and had to opt for whatever was at hand, a weird wool mohair blend from the bargain room at Bendigo Woollen Mills, so its a bit odd in shape and size. I pretty much got it finished except for two  rows and casting off by the end of Saturday (and that was with the shop busy as well).

I finally got around to darning the ends in and blocking it last night and I apologise for the shonky Hipstamatic pictures taken at 11pm, with me looking tired and worn down. 

The whole time I was knitting it I kept thinking about this old joke......

'My mother made me a man...' 
'Really?! If I gave her the yarn would she make me one too?!'

(I reduced the number of stitches specified around the face hole but it's still a bit loose in this yarn. I might even get the correct yarn and make another one!)

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