Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Foxes are being lauded as the new Fashion Vermin but I wouldn't like to meet up with this one in a dark alley. He's angry- probably because there is a huge nail stuck in his forehead- who wouldn't be??

I managed to get up early, get a couple of dye-pots on, write a pile of emails (that chore not finished yet), run out and get photocopying done, scoot over to Williamstown to look for something (no luck), got home , put two more dye-pots on, run out of bottled gas, go get more gas, dismantle window display, install hooks, set up new display, hate it, take it down, fight Jethro for the ladder, get the paint out, fix up display, unpack cupboard, find box with newspaper shopping bags, take Jethro out of the box, re-pack cupboard, get next batch of gloves into the washing machine, munch on some Ines Rosales tortas (new addiction), work out what else needs to be done tonight......

I'm sort of taking tomorrow off, well not totally  but sort of. I'm heading up country to run errands but I'm also going to catch up with Lisa in Kyneton (or Kin-et-ton as we like to call it). Roadtripping and lunch. 


  1. I got a cab home late one night and as I was opening my gate I saw a massive fox strolling along the footpath on the other side of the road! Needless to say I hurried inside, but it's still one of the most amazing things I've seen.
    p.s. I'm very envious of your industriousness.

  2. Have you read about foxes as female trickster spirits in Japanese culture?
    Am slinking into the cottage around lunchtime today...we miss each other again but i get to see the new display. ahh.


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