Thursday, 15 April 2010


I don't know what has been wrong with me this week. I seem unable to settle to anything and the things I need to do I keep forgetting to do. Waiting for the quilting to come back has just thrown me out but I finally got the call early afternoon to say it was ready and I hot-footed out to pick it up. 
There was quilting for Dell (wood print of course) and quilting for Jen (for her 'Texture and Words' project) and there was a roll of patched glass cloth and damask for quilts and then there was the denim. Unrolling and lugging the denim about the studio was just exhausting and I kept tripping over it as I moved around the cutting table. 
I've been around so many sick people of late I am beginning to wonder whether I'm fighting a lurgy and that is why I am so lackadaisical of late. I managed this afternoon to forget where I parked the car.....

So there are a few denim quilts in the shop. Jethro helped/hindered the hanging of these two. After I'd pegged the first one up and had climbed down the ladder but was standing on the counter putting up the next one, Jethro got on top of the ladder and actually pulled the first quilt down. I am not sure whether to take this as approval or disapproval.


  1. The quilts look absolutely BRILLIANT! Pen you really are clever, you must be chuffed. See you soon Kim

  2. ok book me in, max is getting one of those denim quilts for his birthday THEY ARE BLOODY BRILLIANT despite what the in house stylista feline says about them

  3. this and jam too? wonderlady of Craft!


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