Thursday, 1 April 2010

officially difficult

OK, I am definitely noted at the Internet Provider Call Centre as a difficult customer.
Yes, I may have lost my temper this morning, I may have been demanding but I blame that on the whole calling me 'ma'am' thing- that tips me over the edge completely at 8.30am.
Oh and last time I was nice to them it took them 3 and 1/2 weeks to fix my internet connection and then they only repaired it when I got angry.
And I am annoyed because people have had to resort to sending me messages via Facebook and you know how much I like Facebook........ not.
So this week has sped downhill at a growing rate and I am feeling evermore frustrated and annoyed. 
Thanks for listening.
And if you want to contact me you'll have to phone or use Facebook or leave a comment on the blog.

Perhaps it is all some nasty April Fools Day joke......


  1. Pen, hope the day picks up.
    Computer problems are so so frustrating and dealing with bureaucracy is the worst. You should have heard some of the conversations my mother had with places who wanted my father ( with dementia - living in a nursing home) to come to the phone and confirm bank details/phone bills/superannuation etc. After she TOLD them his circumstances.Unbelievable. Hope Jethro has an Easter egg for you on Sunday!

  2. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  3. I used to think being called Difficult was a bad thing, then I realised what they were saying was that I am a smart woman, who takes no nonsense and can see the BS coming a mile away. I don't think enough of us are Difficult. Wear it with Pride, Pen!


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