Wednesday, 31 March 2010

i don't want to go phishing

So here I sit with internet access but no email... go figure!
The Provider can't even get into my email account... go figure!
Might I have got a little cranky with said Provider... whatcha think?
You bet!
They are saying I'm the only person with this issue (hmmm) and they will fix it asap (hmmm hmmm).
Why is it that internet providers turn me into a complete m'em sahib (I want this fixed and I want it fixed now!) and while sitting on the phone listening to the annoying hold music I began to think that perhaps there is a note on my file that says 'difficult'.
So if I promised you an email/reply/something then my apologies and I really hope that I am not about to see my world explode due to a phishing trip. Fingers crossed this is sorted out by morning.......

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