Saturday, 20 March 2010

skein and cone

Somedays I just can't seem to multitask.

Yesterday was one of those and I blame it on the weather, this humidity has got to go. I was down at the bookshop yesterday morning and commented on the humidity and the guy behind the counter said 'but the rain will help get rid of that' and I looked at him in disbelief. Have you ever felt the overwhelming impulse to say to someone 'are you totally stupid?'..... I controlled myself and said 'umm don't think it works that way'. Of course I blame my crotchety ways on the humidity.......

So yesterday instead of having the knitting machine whirring away and a couple of projects on the boil, I caught myself just attending to the one job. I was having trouble with the edges on some of the scarves anyway so I needed to watch and rewind and scream a lot anyway. I suppose that is a form of multitasking. I am trying to get a heads-up on a pile of scarves, as we always seem to run out, lots of colours in fine wool, 'kid' sized and 'adult' sized. 

And the new 'harvest smock' denim dress/top/tunic (depending on how tall you are) is in. 
And the pianola lampshades will hopefully be arriving before I open the shop for the day. 
And I must get all my pile of handstitching in my basket ready for me to work on. 


  1. Hey Pen, totally love your love letter. Someone seriously hearts you!

  2. Hey just tracking back, how brilliant is the love letter? LOVE IT! Wish I had a hand in it, I wonder from whence it came?

    Oh, and Pen, when I was over in the Spring you had a fantastic bobble hat in pink slubby yarn, with a big ols bobble, anything similar available?

    Have a great weekend,

    Sarah x

  3. I like the harvest smock, it had a very bauhaus/ constructivist vibe for me, just the clothing for a new world

  4. But the shop guy was right! I grew up in the tropics, and you get the most intense humidity right before a big dose of rain, and then everything is clear and bright and the humidity is back to a more normal level. When people talk about 'going troppo' it refers to how crazy everyone gets right before a big storm.. its all you can do to dance in the warm rain once it comes. So yeah, it is still humid whilst actually raining.. he was absolutely correct that the rain means the end of the sticky discomfort that humidity can bring.
    It is pretty weird to have such intense humidity down here though..


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