Thursday, 25 March 2010

crockeraholics anonymous

I think I may need an intervention.
I have this addiction. 
I seem to have a huge amount of crockery stashed in the cupboards, under the bench, in boxes-
and as of today I have even more. 
You see I had to go pick some stuff up in Dandenong South and I thought 'I haven't been to Dandenong Savers in ages, I might just pop in....'.
So in I go and peruse the first stacks of crockery to find a lovely pile of cherry blossom plates, 'Richmond' by Barker Bros, then a few 'Chantilly' plates by Crown Lynn (sprays of roses on a sort of basket weave background) and then I turn around....
Sitting there is a pile of Johnson Bros 'Jamboree' dinner plates, I look to the left and there is a pile of entree plates, a bit further along bread-and-butters. At this point I am slightly hyper-ventilating. Calming my breathing I look a bit further and there are the bowls and I just knew by this stage that the cups and saucers are somewhere close... in fact around the corner in the cup section. 
I think my brain may have melted in pure delight!
Oh how I love thee Johnson Bros!

I am single, I live alone, I don't entertain like I used to but with the amount of crockery I own I could hold the biggest buffet ever. You could come along and choose a favourite plate but you'll have bring your own cutlery and glass, I'm a bit low on those. 


  1. Argh this is my op shop wet dream! Many of my lovely johnson's have been breaking lately. The trouble living with housemates. I did get a lovely crown lynn jug the other day but not such a brilliant find as yours! Score!

  2. Good haul! I'm lucky to find any of my stuff these days.

  3. I am jealous. And think we'd have some punters in this club. I spoke to Sarah last night.

    Anyway, I'm planning a tea party... want to hire?

  4. OH MY GOD! I have fallen off my seat with jealousy. Johnson Bros + Fran = true love.
    Newtown SC used to serve their coffee in Johnsons tea cups. I haven't been there for a few years now, I think she is using larger cups with the saucers. And those gorgeous little spring top honey pots with honey for your crumpets!
    I think it's time for a weekend in Melbourne.
    A girl can NEVER have too much china. You just never know who is going to pop by.


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