Tuesday, 9 March 2010

polka dot happiness

Dell told me the other week that polka dots make people happy.
She claims it's a scientific fact.
I don't know whether she was just messing with me but I think these knitting needles will put a smile on her face when she comes in tomorrow.
Handmade from Tasmanian Oak in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
Slowly I'm starting to put out our autumny wintery stock.
More to come- stay tuned!


  1. Pah! Course it is! Proven after exhaustive studies across a wide demographic over generations and all that sort of bizzo...

  2. you know I JUST FREAKIN LOVE these,
    and totally believe that spots make you happy
    just like stripes make you feel like a rebel.
    so consider me in tomorrow buying up on the 6mm front.
    smiling away like a complete nutter

  3. Polka dot lensed glasses should be available on the NHS shortly to combat winter sadness, in the short term get yourself somne knitting needles, marvelous,

    Sarah x

  4. I adore everything that is in your shop, dot or not. You have a wonderful eye. Please tell us about your crocheted pouffe (from the other day)


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