Monday, 8 March 2010

for a little of that southern rain

The song was running through my head all morning, I couldn't place it except for the line 'for a little of that southern rain'. Four hours later the brain's card catalogue spat out Cowboy Junkies and I had it. 'Southern Rain'. (Duh.)

'Cars alive on city streets
Of sparkling black water
Like waves beneath my window
Never break just roll away
Tonight, this rain will be my lullaby
These cars, my dreams
To carry me home to stay
And it will never cease to amaze me 
How a little rain can drive folks crazy
When I'd trade all my blue skies gladly
For your blue eyes, crooked smile
And a steady downpour'

I feel drunk on the rain, sleepy and lulled. I felt like this in Tasmania last September, with rain and snow and rivers in full spate and 'the drought has broken'. Last night I went to sleep hearing the cars swish by and the big drain in the alley out the back sounding like a creek babbling. 

I didn't make it to the studio today (although public holidays are usually quite productive days, no interruptions) and apart from doing the washing,  packing a box to be sent to Sydney, upending a jug of smelly dead flower water all over the stairs (and my electric drill) and going out to Ringwood to pick a piece of equipment, I have had a lazy and highly unproductive day. 

I really need to kick my arse into gear. I am getting nowhere incredibly fast at the moment. I seem to be frittering away those two recaptured days.

I do have a chicken stew in the oven and fresh sheets on the bed though and the rain is coming down again, my kind  of drippy weather. I wonder if I get a raincoat for this winter will that encourage the rain to stay? We need a cold wet winter, it makes the brassicas sweet.


  1. Did someone mention brassicas? Yum, especially sprouts but cabbage also, in fact anything green......

    Hey! I just opened a joyous parcel with a rather fabulous bag in it! woo hoo. I love it! LOVE IT! JOYOUS COLOURS, GREAT PRINT, must be one of yours, hooray!

    My Birthday presie got stuck in customs, the rotters, but I wrestled it from them this morning.

    Hmmm, rain. I have seen a little too much of it recently, and far too much snow. But it is wonderful after a long hot season.
    ....."falling on my head like a memory"

    Sarah x

  2. I spoke to my faraways earlier, they were singing your praises, especially Mr. Moustachio!

    Thank you Pen.

    Sarah x

  3. Love the pic of your cat ^,,^

  4. highly unproductive days are the best!


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