Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Whilst I've managed to get those two days back from teaching I seem to spend them errand running or working from home. 'How did I manage before?' I am continually wondering. 
Today is a home workday (which I think Jethro really likes) but when I am here, even working, I feel like I am secretly slacking off. Working for yourself is often about balancing those feelings of guilt that you aren't really working. My day rarely starts at 9am or finishes at 5pm, my week rarely starts on Monday and finishes on Friday, op-shopping isn't just a bit of fun and holidays and sickdays just mean nothing produced and no income.
There is so much to do. While I wait here today I am trying to get a photobox made, handstitch doilies on cardis and make phone calls to arrange stuff. That's what I do, I juggle, but trying to keep all those balls in the air is so exasperating. Especially when you'd really like to be snoozing with a cat and a good book.

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