Tuesday, 2 March 2010

magenta decline

I thought today was going quite well. Even though I was awake an hour earlier than usual (checking eBay- didn't win the auction which is quite possibly a good thing), got dyeing started and got the shop prettified as Jo was bringing through some students from RMIT. 
Then things started to go pear-shaped. Not in any major way but enough to make me feel a bit 'off'. I discovered I'd forgotten to send off a very important letter. I mixed up a whole batch of dyes to the wrong strengths. I got stuck in a traffic jam. I noticed someone had attempted to jemmy the front door. Sigh.
Trying not to feel too annoyed by it all. 'Annoyed' is how I always end up feeling about trivial but sort of important things when they go wrong. Annoyed with myself. Annoyed that it upsets me. Grrrrr.
On a better note I am working on dyeing gloves and making up colour cards. I get to choose glove colours and give them names and one new colour is called 'dahlia'. Yes it is magenta just like the beautiful bunch of dahlias that I got as a 'thank you' present today.
I love dahlias. I love that they are blousey and a bit brash but in the nicest kind of homey way. Kind of like Miss Marple had a bit  too much sloe gin and kissed the vicar.


  1. I think Dahlia is a lovely name

  2. When my autumn baby was born, my friend who lives at Olinda came to the hospital in Brunswick with two buckets of dahlias from her garden.
    I've loved them since that day because of the association and always buy a bunch around S's birthday - haven't yet this year, you've reminded me to get on it today!

  3. my favourite flower of all
    and all of the things you just said!
    have been noticing them in all the old gardens in northcote, and reminding myself to fill the house while the season lasts...
    they're a little like cherries that way


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