Thursday, 18 March 2010

joining the big cartel!

I have been paying for a Big Cartel site since last November. It was meant to be up and running for Xmas but you know how things go.....
Finally on Tuesday , in between the filming and the fuffing about, I managed to chop the crate I made for last year's Projection Festival down, paint it and get it all ready to do product shots. Then there was the light globe fandango and finally discovering the tungsten setting on my camera and...... ta-da, fanfare, drum roll........ the site is finally up and running!
It's only stocked with long fingerless angora gloves at the moment but give me some time and you never know what might appear in its 'shop window'.
Pop over and check it out!
Currently I am only doing postage within Australia but I am going to get on to working out a Rest of the World rate (if you are RotW and wanting gloves drop me a line and I'll get the ball rolling).

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  1. Where do we vote?
    Best color? OCEAN
    I really love them!


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