Saturday, 6 March 2010

great and glorious plans

I had great plans to announce a whole slew of new autumny, wintery products today. Sadly products Y that were to go with my products X have not arrived so there is going to be a little delay..... and a pile of other work hasn't been pressed and tagged and stacked..... so soon, very soon.
I'm blaming this hot and humid weather. I just become grindingly lethargic and wilted. I caught myself sitting in the studio yesterday with my feet up on a sewing machine and my hands behind my head, staring into space. I couldn't settle to just one job and everything I started just failed abominably. Not a good day for knitting, making decisions and finishing things off.  Of course at about 4.30pm I started a new project and left the studio in even more of a mess than usual. It was a quiet Friday in the shop, a mixture of long weekend and sticky weather but I hope today picks up even a little bit, otherwise I may fall asleep at the counter. I'm getting a basket of work together to keep my hands busy just in case.


  1. Oh My God, you're in a funk too! Apparently Mars has been retrograde, or somesuch, and mid next week goes back to being forwards. All will be well in our worlds once Mars gets it's act together. Or else the astrologer gets it!


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