Tuesday, 16 March 2010

why it was a home workday

This why I had to stay home today.
A film crew was coming to visit. That's MJ doing a piece to camera, Danielle standing in the background and Jethro lolling on the counter (he especially liked the fluffy wombat microphone and being cooed over by everyone on the crew). It's for a segment in 'Coxy's Big Break'.
Of course customers tried to come in and at one point we had to explain to a guy who had managed to walk in and started browsing that we weren't actually open..... embarrassment all round and giggles from us when he left. 
What a busy life I lead....


  1. Will you let us know know when it's on? That is so exciting!

  2. oh yay i will have to keep an eye out for coxy's show. do you know when it will be airing? jethro looks very at easy with cameras around : )


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