Wednesday, 21 April 2010

badge scouting

Colour Blind Badge

Scout Badge Identification Badge
Burn Ant Burn Badge

Kidney Transplant Badge

Blow Your Own Trumpet Badge

Intermediate Vivisection Badge

'I ended up at the St John Ambulance Tent at the Rave' Badge

Run Like You Stole Something Badge


  1. Badge Badge for you Miss Pen Pen.
    Thanks for the :)

  2. PENE you are officially hilarious. I am trailing through your archives at 11.00pm and laughing out loud because this is SO freaking FUNNY!!!

    especially the kidney transplant one :)

    ps) SMOCKS - I need one, Dell looks too cute and I am not surprised they are selling like hotcakes if she's wearing one to work every day with those fabulous tartan stockings agghhh such cuteness should not be allowed.


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