Monday, 12 April 2010

urban harvesting

It has been harvest time around here over the last week. 
First Dell discovered a huge feijoa stash, then Birdie arrived yesterday with figs from Papa's garden at Point Lonsdale and then today I discovered the lilly pilly bushes around the corner.
I believe Chief Chutnee Dell is sending around a Chutney Ordinance saying all fruit must be harvested by the chutney-maker for the next Chutney Club meeting. 
This urban harvesting is seriously fun! Plants like lilly pilly and feijoas were often planted as screening along fences and there is something so old fashioned about them. And often they are  the type of bushes you might just wander passed and never really 'see'- like today's lilly pilly sighting, two huge bushes right on Brunswick Street and I only really noticed them because I looked down and they were squashed all over the footpath. Then of course I looked up and how could I have missed them?! Beautiful magenta pink clusters under shiny green leaves. I'm sure when I went back with a bucket, and the fruit literally jumped in, that the people wandering down the street thought I was a crazy loon. What could be more fabulous than fruit picking a mere kilometer from the city?


  1. If you gels want more feijoas come to my place! I've got a groaning tree... the rosellas and possums are enjoying them - I don't know what to do with them (the feijoas). Made a couple of pots of jam one year but it was sickly and like toffee!

  2. We have a feijoa tree, but what's a lilly pilly Pen?

  3. wondrous! what will you do with the lilly pillies?

    i love urban harvesting. maybe you could add the location to the fitzroy feral fruit map...


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