Sunday, 18 April 2010

cat weather

Today has been lazy and snoozy. Apart from the early morning run to Camberwell Market, I never go late to Camberwell it's got to 7am or not at all, and a stop at the supermarket and a quick hunt for feijoas (none). Home for a cup of tea and the newspapers in bed and a morning nap. That nap was sheer delight, deep and snuggly with Jethro lying at my feet. This autumn weather is perfect for catnaps. We both woke slowly and tousled with bed hair. Then I fell down the stairs.
Yep. I am nothing if not a complete and utter klutz. Oh yes I had managed to leave a ruler on the stairs yesterday which I stood on and my feet shot out from under me.  I hung on to my second unbroken mug as I clutched for a hold and ended up landing with a thud and a slip on my upper buttock. Wrenched my bung right shoulder and the left base of my neck, bruised my elbow and have a large lump in my bum. Stupid and funny and sore and such a huge prat. As they say 'the bigger they are the harder they fall'...... and I'm 6'1" in my bare feet....


  1. Ouch! oh you must be bruised...

  2. Did that put you in the mood for knitting a balaclava?!

  3. I feel so sorry for you. You poor thing. I went for a bit off a stack recently too. Not fun.


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